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Help GreenTerrorists turn the World back to Green again!

Here are some of
  the nearest GreenTerrorists Protest Events coming soon around the World!

Portland, Oregon
Portland International Airport
Eugene, Oregon,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Vegas International Airport
Los Angeles
LA International Airport
Mexico City International Airport
Florida International Airport
Along with all of the Oilfields around the World!

Plus many more GreenTerrorists Protests coming soon, nearest to your Home....

When you show up to any of the GreenTerrorists Events, the only things that you will need to protest with, is something Green on You and Your WORDS!

Please, do not bring any type of Weapon with you when you Protest!

And whatever you do, do not try to resist being arrested by any of the "Fools" who Serve and Protect the Illdoominati!

If you ever get arrested at one of GreenTerrorists Protests, plead not Guilty in Court, then keep asking for another Trial Date, because of Family Illnesses from Chemtrails!
This Tactic will be used to Clog up the Illuminati Court Systems throughout the World!

And we ask all of you on Earth if you join GreenTerrorists and Protest on the Streets!

Do not destroy People's Property!
Leave things the way they are!

Only block Access to the Properties where  Protesting Events are being held!

Like blocking Access to all of the Coal, Natural Gas and Oilfields around the World!

And never fight, like your Governments taught you to do!
Be at Peace with the rest of the World!

GreenTerrorists Protest Events are also a great place to meet others from around the World....


Copyrights are for the whole World to read….

Welcome to GreenTerrorists

GreenTerrorists is a Worldwide Terrorists Cell
To return the World back to Peace again!

President George Bushdick Jr. said in his "Speech" one day to the World, after their 9-11 Attacks on their
New York Twin Crock Stock Exchange Towers!

September 11th

"You are either with us, or you are with the Terrorists!" 

President Greoge Bushdick Jr. after him saying "These words", turned Everyone on Earth into a Terrorist that day! 

Or either for the World and you to join their Illuminati Murdering Criminal Organization, which they only want their One World Order!
For a One World Government, a One World Law and a 
One World Currency, which will be Cashless! 

A Mark will then be put on your Skin or a MicroChip implanted into your Skin, to be used for the "Illuminati Government" to know exactly what you are buying and selling!

""And they will kill anyone to have their; 
One World Order Cashless Socity!""


After the Illuminati blowing up their Twin Towers,
because it would have cost Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to remove and dispose the Asbestos that Insulated everything inside of the Twin Towers!

 3,000 innocent Victims were trapped inside the Twin Towers, as they Plummeted to Earth;
To finally See their Face of Death! 

Everything in New York was then covered in a
Fine White Dust Cloud of Asbestos! 

The New York Firefighters and Thousands of other innocent Victims lost their lives due to Lung Cancer!

Asbestos causes Lung Cancer!

Captain George Bushdick Crunch Jr. and his gang of ""Illdoominati Pirates"" used 9-11 as an excuse to Invade and Conquer 5 other Nations, like;
Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and soon Iran! 

Only for the Illuminati/USA/Britain Government to control/own all of the Natural Gas and Oilfields around the World! 

To use the Oil as a Value Asset for their One World Currency! Remember the U.S.A. Dollar is backed up by Oil, and not by Gold anymore, after the Illdoominati/"Central Idiot Agency"
assassinated JFK!
President Donald Duck Rumproast

Even said in a "Speech" one day to the World on TV and Radio!

"Now that we have conquered Syria's Oilfields, we are going to keep Syria's Oil for good!"

(Do you feel Ugly from the Inside-Out, like a
Over-Cooked Donald Duck Rumproast

By allowing your U.S.A. and Britain Illdoominati Government to Murder millions and millions of Children or better yet,  USA/Britain Armies Killing millions and millions of Dads and Mothers, and leaving their Children left alone, to only die in the Illuminati/USA/Britain Oil Wars throughout the World!
Only for You to be using Fossils Fuels that they force You to buy from them, while keeping You and the rest of the World very poor, as their Fossil Fuels are Killing our Planet Earth too?)
Do you feel ""Really Ugly"" from the Inside-Out like a
Burnt Donald Duck Rumproast 

Knowing that You are allowing this to happen to Billions of more Children around the World, who will be Burnt and Murdered!

By the "Illuminati/USA/Britian Government" Armies, who are the ""Real Terrorists"" to this World!

We as GreenTerrosists Activists are trying our best to stop the "Illuminati Government" Oil Wars as they are destroying Cities to ruins throughout the World with Tax Payers money, and forcing billions and billions of Children throughout the World to live in the Refuge Camps that the Illuminati/"NATO" "Nations All Together as One" build for the Children to die in, far from many Nations from where they were born!

"Illuminati, where are our Native American Indian Parents at?"
"Did you Kill Them? Are we Stolen Property now?"
"So your government can Steal Our Nation away from us too, and turn Us into your Slaves?"
"Like what your government has done to the rest of the Children on this World?"
"Then let the rest of the World take over our Nation, to live upon it too?"
"To Slaughter them all, like you did to our Parents?" 

Please help GreenTerrosits to stop the Illuminati Refuge Camps being built aroud the World, by simply stopping the Illuminati Government's ruling over You and the World, and help 
GreenTerrosits by ending the Illuminati USA/Britain government Wars from Killing anymore Children on Earth! 

Help return this World back to Green again!
By simply joining GreenTerrorists for Free!

And when there are 222,000,000 GreenTerrorists Activists who have joined together as One from around the World!
Then our WORDS will become more Powerful than any Government on Earth!

So please tell your Friends and Loved Ones that You have become one of the millions of GreenTerrorists Activists throughout the World!

And also? 
Please tell your Friends, Loved Ones and the World to Join GreenTerrorists for Free too! 

To Free Nations around the World and to Save the World that we all live upon! 

How to join GreenTerrorists for Free? 

Simply email GreenTerrorists at;

Your Email Address will only be used to let You know where there will be many GreenTerrorists Protest Events to save our World, while saving every Human living upon It! 

So your Email will not be given to anyone! 

Not even to the ""CIA" or the "FBI""!


You are not becoming a Terrorist if you join GreenTerrorists! 

Your Illdoomianti Government, and the ""Central Idiot Agency" and "Fools Being Idiots"" who Serve and Protect the Illuminati, will be calling You a Terrorist, and they will have their USA Tax Paying $666,000 Killer Drone flying over your $666 Wooden Shack, killing You, your Spouse, and your Children, along with hundreds of Neighbors who lives near You, from one $66,600 Bomb being dropped; From one of the thousands and thousands of USA Tax Dollar Killer Drones, flying all over the Earth's Sky, to Protect and Serve who?!

You should know by now, who?!

And You and your Family will be Murdered, without You ever having a Judge, Trail or Jury to try to defend Yourself, to try to save Your So Called Terrorist Ass from being Raped and Murdered! 
Right in front of your Children's Eyes! 

And this is going on throughout the World right now, as you read this So Called Terrorist Website!

And You will especially be murdered for being a So Called Terrorist, if you talk bad about the ""ONES"" and how they Serve and Protect your 
Evil Murdering Government! 

And the ""ONES"" will never protect You or any one else on Earth, from these ""Child Murderers"", because they are also Murderers, who do the Killings for the ""Illuminati""! 

""A Clan of Murderers!""

This is how "Your Words" will make You become the ""Number One on the Top Ten Most Wanted""
For being a "So Called Terrorist" in the 
United States of the American Government's 
One Eye!

How to close the Illdoominati's All Seeing Eye!
For Good!.

Free Speech is our only Weapon left on Earth, to defeat the Illuminati from Extincting our World, with their Nuclear Weapons!

So Protect your Freedom of Speech, your entire Life!

GreenTerrorists is a Trademark Name throughout the entire World!

GreenTerrorists is also a NonProfit Terrorists Cell Organization and will never ask Money or Donations from Anyone on Earth! 

GreenTerrorists wants to win the War on Terror, and not spend one Penney to do it, accept to pay for Domain Name, and this is all of the money that will be spent to buy the Most Deadliest Weapon on Earth, which is called a ".com" 

After purchasing GreenTerrorists ".com", GreenTerrorists has no other money to spend, not even to buy Weapons of Mass Destruction to fight "GreenTerrorists War on Terror"

Not like how your Government can afford and purchase Weapons of Mass Destruction each day, because of the 
"Illuminati Taxes" 
The World has to pay out each day to their "IRS"!

""Is Really Satan""

So! GreenTerrorists will only spend $8.99!
To Fund and win "
GreenTerrorists War on Terror" against the Illuminati! 
It will become the Cheapest Funded World War ever Fought on Planet Earth!

 Look at or try to look for the Hundreds of Billions of USA Tax Dollars being spent that the USA Tax Payers pay out each Year trying to win the USA/Britain Oil Wars with their Terror, by purchasing Murder Weapons of Mass Destruction and then these Murder Weapons are given to the ""Real Terrorists Cells"" that the Illdoomianti and their "Central Idiot Agency" creates; To have their ""Illuminati Terrorist Armies"" Invade and Conquer other Nations, to establish their One World Order Government throughout the entire World....

Thank your Captain George Bushdick Crunch Jr. after 9-11 for creating this World and this GreenTerrorists Website, for You and I to become a Terrorist against the ""Illuminati/OneWorldGovernment!""

So be Brave, and do not Join the USA/Britain Illuminati Army or the "CIA" Terrorist Cells to fight in Oil Wars only for you to die in, just for a few men who want to rule the entire World!

But be very Brave and Join GreenTerrorists today, who are willing to fight for the entire World, instead of fighting for a few rich greedy men!

This GreenTerrorists Website was written, 
Under the Freedom of Speech Act of 1776!

To Legally Protest against Tyranny Governments, and the 
""Central Idiot Agency" and "Fools Being Idiots""
Who Protect and Serve the Illuminati! 

And remember;
The right to Bare a Fire Arm is also your Constitutional Right! 

To protect You and your Family's lives from?!

Who knows, who will want to try to kill You?! Especially after making a Terrorist Website like this one?!


So never give up your Weapons and Firearms, like the Native American Indians did to the Illuminati's USA/Britain Terrorist Soldiers!

You will loose everything that you will own! 
Even your Nation and your Soul!


Remember this one "Saying" that was written tonight on 3/13/2020, Friday the 13th for the World to read; 
And remember this "Saying" for the rest of your life!

"One Man can stop all of the Wars around the World, by him only using his Words!

But it takes the World to spread his Words around; 
Like a Jonny AppleSeed!"


So please World, be like Jonny AppleSeed and plant the World a Seed in Everyone's ear!

And let the GreenTerrorists's Seeds sprout and grow into a New World that is all Green
For the entire World to see, while living in Peace!


"For One Man to stop all of the Wars of Terror upon this Earth, only by using "His Words"; 
Every Human on Earth must join Him and share his Words to the World!"

"GreenTerrorists hopes that Mankind will join the GoodTerrorists around the World!" 

Instead of joining the ""Evil Terrorists"" of the
"Illuminati Governments"!

"Grow Hemp to Fuel our World!
Instead of using Fossil Fuels to Kill our World!" 


The Story behind GreenTerrorists? 

GreenTerrorists was Founded inside of a Book, called; 
"World's Extinction"!

Please read World's Extinction Ebook for Free, by clcking here: 

GreenPeace is well known throughout the World for their Peaceful Protests! Well, if you call Hanging off of Bridges and Boats to Protest is Peaceful, great! 

I do admire the Bravery of the GreenPeace Protesters and thanks everyone who Protests with GreenPeace! 
All of You are the Ones who inspired me to create GreenTerrorists.

Back to my Story!
I was thinking of a Name to use in my Book for a Terrorists Cell that I wrote about! And the oppisite of Peace is Terror!

Captain Crunch Jr. called the World all Terrorists, if the World does not join the Illuminati! 

So, with GreenPeace being on my mind, and how the World became Terrorists just from one "Speech" after 9-11, this is how GreenTerrorists was Founded!

".Com" is the only Deadly Weapon that will be used for all of the GreenTerrorists on Earth who are fighing the same Wars against ""TERROR""!

And by the way; 
I am Proud to use the name GreenTerrorists for my Terrorists Cell Name in my new Book!

It sounds more like a ""Worldwide Terrorists Cell Organization"" for the ""Illuminati/CIA/FBI"" to Fear! 

Hahahaha! I am laughing so hard right now, knowing I just pushed the ""Right Red Button"" to make all of the Illuminati Nuclear Bombs firing off throughout the entire World at the same time, and landing right on top of 
"My Worldwide GreenTerrorists Cell"

The ""Illuminati/CIA/FBI"" are really going to Fear my new Book, when the World starts talking about It, after them reading It!

World's Extinction Ebook is for Free, for the entire World to read!
All you have to do is just click right HERE!

Terrorists is Dedicated to the Native American Indians,
GreenPeace, YellowVest, the Clivin Bundy Family and Lavoy Finicum Family, and to the Ones who Stand Up against our ""Illuminati Government""; While Protesting on their Land, on YouTube, on Radio, on the Internet, or even on the Streets!

These Folks and the Founder of GreenTerrorists are willing to go to a Federal Prison or are willing to die for all of You! 
So that all of You and the rest of the World can have Your Freedom back; 
Once again!

And if a Native American Indian or a So Called Terrorist dies trying to fight the USA/Britain Illuminati Government? 
All of us must Join their Friends and Families, and help their Loved Ones and their Spouse, win that Fight against the ""Murdering Pirates""!

And how can we all help win that Fight against the ""Murderers""?
By all of Us from around the World joining up together as One!
And let all of Our WORDS be heard throughout the World!

"WORDS are the most Deadliest Weapon on Earth to use!"

"WORDS can Cripple and Destroy Governments around the World!"

"GreenTerrorists Activists' DEADLY WORDS will create 
GreenGovernments around the World; One Day...."



To hear the Latest News about your World and the Oil Wars that will soon becoming to your front door step!
Click here on this link: It will take you to a Website Page with other Website Page Links where the Illuminati News is being broadcasted Daily throughout the World, that the Illuminati do not want you to hear about, just like how they do not want the World to know about 
If anyone on Earth says only one "Word" about "GreenTerrorists" on their Social Media Channel, please let GreenTerrorists know, and your Website Link, YouTube Channel, or any other Social Media Channels will be posted on the Website Page, Free for Life! 
Or until the ""FBI/CIA"" Invades and Destroys GreenTerrorists Worldwide Terrorists Cell, with their Deadly Depleted Uranium Bombs!
So please everyone, visit the GreenTerrorists Sponsers!
So all of Us together can win and stop the 
""USA/Britain Illuminati's Wars of Terror throughout the World""
From Killing anymore Children on Earth! 


"My last Words for the World to read"
Before the
""CIA and the FBI""
Kills me too!
 "For making this GreenTerrorists Cell Website for the World to Join!"
"If ""ONE"" was to Kill only one Dog or a Cat, the World will cry out Bloody Murder, and that ""ONE"" will be sentenced to Jail, for life!"
"What makes Millions and Millions of Children being Killed by  the ""ONES"";
Be so different to the Bloody World?"

"Is it because Children are Pests
to the Illuminati Government?
Instead of Children being Pets for the Bloody World????"

"Should GreenTerrorists let you decide, why?"
"Because the Bloody World are the ones to allow this to happen to the
Children of this World...."


Even if you are one of the Children of this World?
Children, please feel Free to Join 
GreenTerrorists too, to show your Parents that you are very Brave to try to save this World, and every Human living on It!

But Please ask your Parents first, if you can Join GreenTerrorists!

This is if your Parents have not been Killed yet!
By the ""ONES"" who want a One World Government!


GreenTerrorists is also Dedicated to the Ones who have died in the ""Bloody Hands"" 
Of your 
""Bloody Governments""


".GreenTerrorists' WORDS Kills, right where it Counts!"

"Right in the Hearts of the Bloody Governments'
Bloody Souls

"Their ""Bloody Souls"" will then Be Cooked in the 
Fire Infernal Pits of  Hell
Where their Cooked Souls will be Devoured Up by GreenTerrorists' Gnashing Teeth...."


If you do Join GreenTerrorists?
Do a VERY BIG FAVOR please?
For the Children of this World?
(Like You once was!)
Please email
President Donald Duck Rumproast
Inside of "The Bloody White House"
And tell him that You have Joined GreenTerrorists, and demand Mr. Donald Duck Rumproast to visit and to Join GreenTerrorists too, before it is Too Late for him, and he gets
Roasted Black
and Looses his Job!
the entire World says to
President Duck Rumproast!
 "Your Fired!"
From Hundreds of Millions of GreenTerrorists Activists from around the World! 
Standing in front of ""The Bloody White House"" Demanding the USA President's Resignation!
For not stopping their TerrorWars, to Protect the Children in USA and the rest of the
World's Children!

Maybe after a Few Million Emails sent to
"The Bloody White House"
President Donald Duck Rumproast will get his Bloody Duck Beak
Out of the Illuminatis'
""Bloody Asses""

And wonder why there are so many Millions of Children and Adults from around the World that are emailing The President of USA about,

GreenTerrorists hopes this will make
President Donald Duck Rumproast go;
Translated in English!


 After he reads this GreenTerrorists Website, Dedicated to the World's Children who have died in;
 The Illuminatis' "OILWARS of Terror"!
This is How to Win the "War on Terror" around the World that the Illuminati have started!
By only Using Your WORDS and a
Trusty Deadly Weapon, like a .com!
"Have a Great Life Everyone and be safe!
Around the ""Illuminati""  and their Deadly Vaccines, that they force upon Children and You!"
Remember this One Last Thing:
"The Bill Bates Hotel Foundation and the Illdoominati want to Depopulate the Human Race to less than a Billion Humans on Earth!"
This is over 6,000,000,000 Humans who will be Murdered from the Bloody Hands of the
Will You be one of them?
GreenTerrorists hopes to stop the Illuminati first!
But with no
GreenTerrorists Activists Joining in to Win GreenTerrorists' $8.99 Cent War on Terror?
Kiss the Bloody World and Your Bloody Ass Goodbye....

And Pretty Please!
For the Childrens' Sake!
Do not forget to email
President Donald Duck Rumproast
Inside The Bloody White House!
About GreenTerrorists Activists are taking over
"The Illuminatis' Bloody World", after the 
GreenTerrorists Activists have eaten their
Donald Duck Rumproast Dinner....



Please help save our World! 
From becoming Extinct!

By Clicking Here to go to

THE HIPPIE TERRORIST, Founder of GreenTerrorists.....

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